Jeff’s Way makes £3,000 donation to Sea Cadets

Whitco director Vita Whitaker took time out to make a charity donation. This was the first meeting with one of three beneficiaries of Jeff’s Way (,which was set up in memory of our late boss Jeff Whitaker. 

Jeff’s Way has been a huge success. In our first year, we raised £15,000. Our thanks to everyone involved in the effort to raise funds and accept donations– especially to ceda ( and our great team here at Whitco. Jeff joined Peterborough Sea Cadets at the age of 10, in 1960. He was a cadet at Customs House which is the second oldest building in the city.

Jeff’s Way has donated £3,000 to the cadets. This will go into the organisation’s bursary funds to help with the costs of training and development for some youngsters who may not otherwise beable to attend trips and other events. A part of our donation will also go towards renaming the shield that is presented each December to the best performing cadet. From this year, the shield will be known as the Jeff Whitaker Prize. Says Vita: “The Sea Cadets played a big part in shaping Jeff’s future and I am so honoured to present this donation.

“It is a necessity to help the young on their journey and in opening up new opportunities for them. Every little bit makes a huge difference. I praise all the volunteers at the Peterborough Sea Cadets that give up their time each week to do this. ‘Shoulders back, stand up straight, shine those boots.’ ”